1. Change a life: Help build the bridge so we all cross the road together by joining TWIFM you demonstrate you are an advocate of change and seeking equity for women working in film, television and all forms of screen-based media and global new media. You can take advantage of programs and events in other TWIFM locales. 

2. Job Postings: We will continue to post open castings and calls for the crew as well as other industry job opportunities. 

3. Grow in Your Filmmaking and Film Crew Work: We will make available focus groups, screenings, training's, expert panels and festival information on local and international opportunities to showcase your work. 

4. Events and Connections: We will make available our programs/network events at no cost throughout the state. On your behalf, we will arrange free and/or reduced admission to a number of other industry events. 

5. TWIFM Opens Your World: You automatically become a member of the International organization of Women in Film and the National Alliance of Media Arts and Culture and you can take advantage of their members-only benefits. 

6. Provide Value: Courtesy of local businesses we can offer our members discounts to community products,servicesandWe have created a program for industry professionals to exchange information and give a step up to those coming along behind. 

7. Share Your Expertise: We have created a program for industry professionals to exchange information and give a step up to those coming along behind. This match-up program is by application only.

8. Stay in the Know: Receive the TWIFM monthly newsletter as well as gain access to members-only areas of our website. Review our calendar updated weekly. 

9. Build Your Career Bridges: Become part of an International professional network of filmmakers, film workers, and receive endless opportunities to meet people who can have a transformative influence on your career. 

10. Front Lines: The TWIFM board and the other 14,000 members in 40 countries will be on the front lines to help effect success in our industry. We are invested in your success.

TWIFM will be on the front lines to lead, beside you to collaborate and behind you to support. Join now.

Members Benefits:

  • A forum for industry professionals

  • Offers a network of contacts locally, nationally and internationally

  • Promotes and safeguards the interests of women working in the screen-based media worldwide

  • Champions women’s diverse achievements in all areas of the industry

  • Members automatically join the 10,000+ members of WIFTI  in 40 countries

  • Members can submit to the Short Film Showcase

  • Offers Members-Only Job Listings

  • Grants Access to free movie screenings

  • Offers Entry to members-only events

TWiFM Professional / Associate Membership
TWiFM Student Membership (12+ Hours)

Questions? Please contact our membership director for more information.