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Tennessee Women in Film and Media, Inc. (TWiFM) launched as a nonprofit organization with a commitment to creating opportunities for women in the film, television, and all screen-based media. Also, we champion their accomplishments throughout the State of Tennessee and in other neighboring locales.


We provide a valuable network for the

exchange of ideas and resources.

Through membership in TWiFM, our members belong to Women in Film

& Television International ( WIFTI) ,In April of 2015 a group of 11 women,

from within and outside the state of Tennessee, all media professionals

or employed in associated fields seeded the idea of forming a statewide

organization that would broaden the opportunities for women in the film,

television and media.



The Tennessee Women in Film and Media is an umbrella organization with a global reach and the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture. We will continue acknowledging works that promote proactive images of women to the public, reduce gender bias and empower all women in film and video to achieve their professional potential and screen-based media industries and provide real access to funding and distribution channels as well as educate through programs and mentorships. They are fully committed to supporting the achievements and success of our membership and those in a global position to represent us in a positive light.

The TWIFM Organization is open to women and men who support the efforts of women to strive for equity of pay, position, and opportunities. These founding women, Nancy Puetz, Sheyla Paz, Robin Barnes, Elke Ridenour, Molly Secours, Kemberlee Bonnet, Tonya Osborne, Tara Stone, Raquel Thomas, Jill Melody and Ashley W. Roberts brainstormed the bylaws and built the framework for the future success of TWIFM and gained board support from Mercedes Jones, Legal Advisor, Christopher Cotton, Esq., and Beth Harrington.


Join Tennessee Women in Film & Media (TWIFM)

TWIFM is a vocal advocate for industry content creators.

                                       TWIFM works to:

  • Advocate for industry parity

  • Celebrate content creators and crew

  • Generate opportunities for our members

  • Help our members drive their story forward

  • Network around the world

  • Help drive your story forward

  • Celebrate and screen members’ projects

  • Believe in Collaboration over Competition

  • Commit to honor and Substance over Style.

   As a member, you'll join different ranks of working 

       industry leaders above and below the line.



Meet the Board of Directors

Nancy Puetz


President, Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission

Vice President, Women in Film and Television International

Founder, Franklin International Indie Film Festival

Holophrase Films



Sheyla Paz 

Vice President



Karen Espenant



Rene Vance 

KIMMY INEZ Heaadshot for TWIFM.png

Kimmy Inez

Special Events

Jamie Litt

Don't Suffer in Silence. There is Help!

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Advisory Board

Barbara Hall

Hazel Joyner Smith

Jane Litt

Cynthia A. Minor

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Our International Affiliate


Tennessee Women in Film and Media is a chapter member of WIFTI and our members benefit from the international recognition of the organization  and access to their gender parity research and world-wide events.


Helene Granqvist
WIFTI President
Sweden Chapter