Supporting Collaboration and Equality for all Women in Film, TV & Media

1973- Founded in Los Angeles WIF focused on advocacy and education— WIF provides scholarships, grants, and film finishing funds—and works to preserve the legacies of all women working in the entertainment community.

1977 - The Crystal + Lucy Awards® were established (originally just The Crystal Award) to honor outstanding individuals who, through their endurance and the excellence of their work, have helped to expand the role of women within the entertainment industry. During Oscar® season, WIF celebrates the female Academy Award® nominees with the WIF Oscar® Party and during Emmy® season, we celebrate women in television with the WIF Emmy® Award Cocktail Party.

2012- Women In Film and Sundance Institute cofounded the Female Filmmakers Initiative to foster gender parity for women behind the camera. We commissioned a three-year landmark study of female directors by Professor Stacy Smith and her team at USC’s Annenberg School, which garnered extensive media attention and is the foundation of an ACLU action to expose and combat gender discrimination in Hollywood. The next step in our advocacy work is to address issues of systemic change. We are designing pilot programs and projects that can be executed in key sectors of our industry to get us on par with our male colleagues.

2015 - Tennessee Women in Film & Media was founded by a group of talented, creative women to support all women in the field in the state of Tennessee.

December 15,2016 - Tennessee Women in Film & Media's Memphis Chapter was founded with Loretta McNary as Founding President.

Apolonia Davalos
Actress, writer, producer and singer

Apolonia Davalos is unstoppable. She  just finished directing her first film Children of War however she has been acting, writing, singing, entertaining for years. She is the Founder and Executive Producer of ApoloniaD Productions, Voice of Baby Shugg on the Radio, Lead Actor in Nashville Shakespeare Festival's Midsummer Night's Dream, Frequent actor and crew, 48 and 54 hour film festival. Beardforce Films and White Door Productions and more. In her own words, "I’m beyond HONORED & INSPIRED to collaborate with such pioneering men and woman each day and for each endeavor! Especially, when an event, such as ours, truly made a direct IMPACT in the quality of life for our fellow neighbors within our community who required immediate assistance over the holidays!" Apolonia always inspiring. Thank you Apolonia for your support.


Chapter Excecutive Conference London 

May 13-16, 2017


ROADMAP - Story to Sales

mission & vision

Tennessee Women in Film & Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for women, encouraging creative projects by women, and expanding and enhancing portrayals of women in all forms of global media. Given that women comprise 50 percent of the population, TWIFM’s ultimate goal is to see the same gender parity reflected on and off screen. Founded in 2015, TWIFM focuses on advocacy and education— provides scholarships, grants, and film finishing funds—and works to preserve the legacies of all women working in the entertainment community.

Women in Film 

Meleisha Edwards 


Tennessee Women in Film & Media, Inc. is committed to passionately advocating for women in film/television and all screen-based media who are widely underrepresented.  Aligned with the goals of Women in Film and Television International, we are committed to a three year strategic plan that will be rolled out in May 2017. When one moves forward, we all  move forward.

BE THERE on JANUARY 18, 2017

Nashville Film Institute or in Memphis on January 25 - FILMMAKER'S FORUM.

What is the Roadmap from Story to Sales/Distribution? IS THERE A FORMULA?

Plan for endgame before you begin first day of filming. Learn from the International Director who sold his last two projects directly to the Weinstein Brothers. His latest film premieres in the USA in March 2017. 


Chapter Excecutive Conference London 

May 13-16, 2017

Meleisha Edwards is a writer, director, producer. She was in Film School when she realized her real passion was film. We are glad she made the shift. Her first foray was a silent film called Masquerade and won multiple awards in Festival. Since then she wrote Spotlight and then   And she wrote an inspirational blog, "Joy in the morning. In her words it was "A place where you can get a burst of inspiration to get you through your day!"

Elizabeth Eckert

Elizabeth has an eclectic style. Just when you think you know exactly what she plays i.e.:pop music with a soul flair she comes off like Ethel Washington. Her voice has range and her enthusiasm for her art shines through her singing. 

Elizabeth counts among her influences,  her grandmother who was a violinist and pianist (and I can’t leave out my parents who are pianists too). Some other favorites are Rachel Yamagata, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Regina Spektor, J.S. Bach, Radiohead, Marc Cohn, Rachmaninov, Herbie Hancock. She is an avid reader and we are blessed to have her join TWIFM. Welcome Elizabeth