Supporting Collaboration and Equality for all Women in Film, TV & Media

TWIFM  is a public non profit  organization gathering those working with film, television and visual media/moving images as professionals. The focus is on driving the advancement of women in this industry, providing a network to bring the exchange of ideas and work opportunities and to build a platform to accelerate the professional development of our members. We support collaboration and celebrate the work of all. 

WHO WE ARE : In the world of professional film production, key executives such as Women Producers, Directors, Writers and production coordinator executives are a challenge to find. The accepted ratio of more than 10 to one or higher vis a vis males to females in influential  roles is  not acceptable to TWIFM. Therefore we are committed to the ideal that it isis through education, mentorships and modeling  we can change the dynamic and the statistics.

Did you know, you may be able to boost your support of TWIFM?

As part of their corporate profile and in support of non profit organizations many corporations and large foundations will often give money to a nonprofit such as TWIFM in the form of “matching gifts.” 

Corporate matches often take the form of employee matching gifts, which means that if an employee donates to a nonprofit, the employee's corporation will donate money to your favorite nonprofit according to a pre-determined match ratio. Many local and national corporations such as Nissan, Bridgestone, State Farm, and ATT to name a few, provide matching gifts when their employees choose to contribute to a 501 (c) (3) non profit.

Donors know that the dollars they wish to give will have greater value and make more impact . On the other side, foundations who give matching grants receive assurance of the nonprofit's capacity to be responsible stewards of the gift.

Let us know if we can help determine whether a corporation you are associated with provides matching grants or gifts.